Hey there, my name is Maarten. Welcome to my little place on the internet.

I’m a freelance creative & digital designer exploring patterns.

(↓ Here’s a bit more on what that even means) 

Freelance Creative

Creativity is at the heart of everything I do. Shaping ideas drives me.

Being creative is all about discovery and learning. Trying different things. Knowing how to fail and learn from the results.

I’m always looking for creative outlets to find a way to make things better.

Even though I’m mostly focused on being a designer, I like being identified as 'a creative' first.

This enables me to do things other than design. I’m also making music, art and enjoy cooking very much.

Digital Designer

I’ve been designing applications for the web and mobile for about 7 years.

As a designer, I’m specifying what our screens can do, why they do it and how that looks.

I enjoy being involved in the full process. That’s from defining goals and strategy, to validating ideas and crafting visuals.

Here’s a couple projects that I’ve worked on:


Currently I’m working as Product Designer to help shape design at Shell.


I joined Somnox in 2021 to improve the way people interact with their robots and created a consistent experience across platforms.


In 2020 I helped the iBilly team to create a platform where users can easily track and share their finances together.


When I joined the MijnKassabon team in 2019 we redesigned the app so users can more easily keep track of receipts and loyalty cards.


I helped the Drawnames team in 2018 to improve the mobile experience.

Exploring Patterns

In everything I do you’ll find me looking for patterns, rhythm and balance.

I’m studying patterns to learn, creating patterns to set the standard and breaking patterns to stand out.

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