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Nice to meet you! Well, I haven't actually met you yet, you're really just meeting me. If you'd like me to meet you too, get in touch.

About Maarten

I'm just a guy from The Netherlands who likes to make things better, and make better things.

I started designing as it was a way for me to be creative. Now it's my job and I think that's pretty cool. I get to design products that people want to use, and I even get paid for it.

I enjoy designing with real data, like creating dashboards and custom graphs. I'd also love to work on projects that I connect with personally; Products involving music, events, and art; Products that make people feel good.

In my free time, I like to try different hobbies that allow me to express my creativity. Making music and digital art is what I'm currently exploring. My aim is to also turn these hobbies into something more, just like I did with design.

When I'm not working on something, you can find me out in the sun or in the kitchen to cook something nice with friends.



It's my creative freelance agency, where I help businesses improve their products through design (it also happens to be my last name).

This freelance adventure started four years ago. Since then I have worked with start-ups to create their first version products and I've worked on products with millions of users.

I'm here to help you make the right decisions for your products. I have been focussing on designing for mobile, but I'm always open to other opportunities and definitely don't shy away from a challenge. I will find a way to make things work.

About design

It's not just about making products look pretty. It's about making them work. Returning customers and happy users are the first steps to a profitable business.

When working together I prefer to avoid jargon. I like to make sure everyone is on the same page. Going through the design process together requires communication, commitment, and collaboration from both sides.

As a self-taught designer, it's important to constantly try new things and keep learning. The ability to adapt and teach yourself is what sets you apart from everyone else. The more I know, the more I learn there's still lots to discover. That's what excites me about design. It's always trying to be better, and so am I.

About creativity

Creativity to me is about discovery and learning. It's about trying things and not knowing what the end result will be.

Making things and being creative is key to my happiness. I love it when I enter a zone where I can explore and can keep going until I reach the desired outcome. Even when I don't reach that outcome, I will still have learned something.

By design, everything is not meant to be perfect.

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