What is design and how will it improve your product?

To design is to make things better, by creating useful and enjoyable experiences.

Interface (UI) Design

UI Design is the visual part of design, it's what the user sees when using your product.


Design system and styleguide

Content and data visualization

Experience (UX) Design

UX Design is the interactive part of design. It's what your product can do and how it's is used.

Flows and diagrams

Research and testing

Usable prototypes

Product Design

Product Design is about the bigger picture, it's what your product stands for and making sure it is meeting the business' needs. 

User interviews

Managing & priorities

Create value

Design is about...


Maintain consistency, and make the right elements stand out.

Add new features without sacrificing simplicity.

Stay in between the lines, but know when to experiment.


Don't get in the user's way but be there when it's needed.

Clearly communicate your message and data to the user.

Make the product enjoyable and help the user feel confident.


Plan and iterate to gradually improve the look and feel of your product.

Measure success to create new experiences and improve current ones.

Aim for the best possible solution within the given constraints.

Maarten &


Design is not just about making products look pretty. It's about making them work.

To me, it's important to constantly try new things and keep learning. The ability to adapt and teach yourself is what sets you apart from everyone else. The more I know, the more I learn there's still lots to discover. That's what excites me about design. It's always trying to be better, and so am I.

By design, everything is possible.

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