Here are some personal projects I've created.

I'm always working on something on the side.


Easily import 100's of colors at once in Figma

I created a Figma plugin where you can input any amount of code, and it will extract the colors and put them in your Figma file.

For a project, I had to check out different color schemes. The color schemes were created in an online generator. However, there was no easy way to add the colors to Figma. I had to add each individual color code manually.

Adding the codes manually is a very time-consuming task, which could easily be improved by automating the process. So I challenged myself to create a plugin over one weekend. I wanted to be able to input hex colors and get Figma elements with those colors in return.

At first, I just built the Figma plugin to improve my own process, but, as it turned out, I wasn't the only one with this issue. After chatting with other designers I decided to add some features. I added RGB support and made it possible to automatically create styles. I published the plugin to the Figma community and it's downloaded over 1.000 (!) times.


Creating daily line artworks for 100 days

I wanted to challenge myself to create something every day, after being inspired by some random YouTube video.

In the YouTube video (which I can't seem to find), the artist created simple line artworks by hand. I wanted to see if I could do the same on my computer. From one thing came another, and I ended up doing a 100-day challenge. 

I completed the challenge, and while I'm definitely not satisfied with every artwork, it feels good to have completed the challenge. Above are some of my favorites, the rest can be found on Twitter ↗.

By design, everything doesn't have to be for everyone.

I'm available for new projects. Send me an email, and let's get to work!

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